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Eternal Darkness: Jar’s Requiem

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New code word for anything and everything: Tier 15

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this gif set my entire life. 

It’s no longer frick frack
Tier 15

I knew a guy in high school who did Tier 15. It became a joke in the yearbook and when the teachers found out what it meant, they went through and WHITED OUT THE JOKE in every copy they could get their hands on.


thank you ROB for recording this amazing Twitter moment.

And the win on today’s internet goes to…

[W]e did not develop this medicine for Indians…[w]e developed it for western patients who can afford it.

Pure evil mastermind Bayer Pharmaceutical CEO Marijn Dekkers on his company’s new cancer drug Nexavar

The drug, which is particularly effective on late-stage kidney and liver cancer, costs approximately $69,000 per year in India, so in March 2012 an Indian court granted a license to an Indian company to produce to the drug at a 97 percent discount.

Bayer sued Natco Pharma Ltd., but in March of last year, the High Court in Mumbai denied its appeal. Dekkers called the compulsory license issued by the Indian court “essentially theft.”

Nexavar costs approximately $96,000 per year in the United States, but Bayer assures“western patients” that they can have access to the drug for a $100 copay.

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this is why the concept of capitalist patent rights and intellectual property rights in general is so evil. these huge companies are able to delay the availability of life-saving medicine and technology by 20 years just so they can make a profit while people who can’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars to access suffer and die. good on india for not giving a crap about dekkers’s bottom line.

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The research that produced this medicine could never have been performed without intellectual property rights and patent rights in the first place.  However, many companies will sell discounted versions of their drugs in foreign countries where their patent rights aren’t as important and where they know the population can’t afford the medicine.  It’s called compassion.

Apparently Bayer has none.  That’s fine.  There are other pharmaceutical companies who do.

I encourage “western patients” to buy drugs from those companies instead of from Bayer.

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NOISE GATE is an experimental sci-fi short film about a dimensional traveling Scientist who is in search of the ultimate reality. His only passage into that realm is something called the NOISE GATE. Watch the making of here: http://ift.tt/1jdHME2 Vim Crony: http://ift.tt/1gHIVDB Facebook: http://ift.tt/1gHIU2p NOISE GATE / Directed by Vim Crony Vim Crony



Samantha Bee talks to Peter Schiff, financial commentator and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Inc. 

Always refreshing when The Daily Show finds a pure, unvarnished asshole who doesn’t need to be made to look ridiculous - he does that all by himself

(side note: “pay twice and much”? come on, OP)

The Daily Show: More news than the actual news.

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